Welcome to Fire Direct

Fire Direct has been established in the ACT to provide first class and personally tailored emergency management advice and training to government, commercial and private organisations.

Fire Direct proprietor has qualified and fulfilled the requirements for Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training National Code Certificate (TAE 04110).

ACT Government Industrial Relations and Employment Certificate registered.

Fire Direct principal have over 30 years experience in the fire industry and can offer extensive specialist advice, training and technical reports on all aspects of fire protection including:

  • Emergency evacuation procedures: Evaluation, training and implementation
  • Preventative maintenance procedures for fire prevention equipment
  • Advice on fire suppression and detection systems
  • Fire and hazard evaluation
  • Investigation and evaluation of fire safety equipment performance
  • Self contained breathing apparatus training
  • Special Events – Coordinator & Safety Officer

Fire Direct can offer a range of nationally recognised training courses and is aligned with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) National Provider # 88187. Participation in competency based training courses ensures employers’ that personnel who completed these courses achieve a nationally recognised standard within the Australian Standards.

Fire Direct training is site and industry specific to ensure that all participants gain the most benefit from the training.

All training is conducted with reference to appropriate industry standards, national Australian standards, the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Work Health and Safety requirements.

Courses contain an appropriate mixture of theoretical instruction and practical exercises.

Burnt warehouse

Fire Direct is constantly seeking to maintain a high degree of relevance in its course content and during review meetings we actively seek input from our clients on the most appropriate activities for course content and presentation. Training personnel are encouraged to upgrade their professional knowledge and skills by attending industry seminars, product presentations etc.

Fire Direct does not require the client to enter into a formal contract for additional follow up training or assessment. We do not use sub contractor personnel for our training services.